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Campus Life

Accomodation and Food:  GBC gives a lot of importance to the campus life of the students , especially to students stay and food, since it contributes towards the studentís growth and development of their spiritual life, personality, and mental strength. There are separate living facilities for men and women. The college provides cot, mattress and pillow, but the students are expected to bring their own bed covers, mosquito net, warm clothing and all the necessary things for personal use. All the students have a common dinning hall; the students are expected to bring their own plate, glass, cup and bowl. The office manages the mess.

Worship:  Personal devotion/quiet time is compulsory in the morning. This is important for oneís spiritual growth. Morning Chapel service is from 8:00 to 8:30 AM from Monday through Friday and Sunday worship service is from 10:00 AM to 12:00 noon; all chapel services and Sunday worship are compulsory for all students. Apart from these, hostel fellowship, weekly prayer meetings and other church activities are also compulsory for all the students.

Medical Care:  GBC attends immediately to students who fall sick and adequate medical care will be given in due time. First Aid will be given freely, but Doctorís fee, hospital charges and other major expenses should be taken care of by the student/parents/sponsors.

Sports:  Development of mental strength and physical fitness is given balance importance. Sports and games are designed to build a healthy relationship with each other. Equipments are provided for physical exercise and games. Attendance is compulsory for this. If anyone who is unable to participate on medical grounds should produce the doctorís certificate.

Dressing:  In order to maintain the highest Christian standard, students are encouraged to dress modestly in and outside the campus.

Counseling:  Personal and social counseling are provided by the warden as well as other administers and the faculty members. Spiritual counseling may be obtained from the pastor or the Principal of the college. Academic matters should be taken to the Academic Dean for academic counseling. In GBC, all administrators, faculty and the Principal are ready to help the students to solve their problems and difficulties.

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